January 27, 2014

Anyone Like Lavender and Lace?

Hello everyone,

Sorry for the long absence. Losing my mom really knocked me off my feet. I hope to be posting updates on my stitching again soon. I really didn't do much since last March as I was fighting grief and terrible depression.

I'm just checking in to let you know I have Celtic Princesses by Lavender and Lace for sale. Here is what I have:

This is Autumn and it is almost completely kitted. There are three missing DMC thread skeins. It includes the pattern, linen, specialty threads, beads, 2 cards of Treasure Brain and all DMC except for three skeins. It might require gold Treasure Braid, but I'm not sure. It can be purchased through 123stitch.com.

Summer has pattern, linen, specialty Needlepaint threads, two cards of gold Treasure Braid, and all the beads. I did not buy the DMC yet.

I think both of these would retail for over $100. I will take $65 for the Autumn pattern and $60 for the Summer pattern.

I did Winter already and have done some of Spring, but decided I would never get through all four of them. Hope someone can use me. Just email me your information if you'd like to buy one or both. I do have a Paypal account.