July 03, 2013

My Quarterly Update (Or So It Seems!)

Hello fellow needleworkers! I know it's been awhile, so I thought I would show you what I've been up to. I fell way behind on reading blogs and commenting, but I think I'm finally caught up. Here's what I've been doing.

I decided that I needed to feel some sense of accomplishment right now and that all of my big projects were simply overwhelming me. So I fished out a few smaller ones and now I have two finishes! This first piece was kind of picked by randomly reaching into my stack of patterns and just pulling one out, but I chose several and this was the one that really caught my eye. My mother's favorite color was red and I can remember her talking about the Red Hat Society, so I thought I would stitch this in my mother's honor. It was a quick stitch, only taking about a week. I forgot how much I enjoy beading!

The Promise by Just Nan

I am continuing to try to keep up with my cottages that were started last year. I am trying to get the next one done before the month is up and I just started August yesterday. Here is July all laced up and in the frame.

July Cottage by Country Cottage Needleworks

This one is our hardangar project that we were working on as a foursome, but everyone else had finished theirs and I was dawdling along behind. Cutting threads is scary, people! So far, so good, but I have to be awake, alert, and able to concentrate to work on this one, so it's going slowly.

Beginner's Hardangar Course through the Embroidery Guild of America

I am loving my little sheep and have been working on one a month. I don't remember if I showed you "Peace," so I am including it.

Peace by Little House Needleworks "Stitchin' the Flock"

Here is last month's "Courage:"

Courage by Little House Needleworks "Stitchin' the Flock"

Here's how many I have done so far. There was an unfortunate bad measuring when I went to cut off the extra fabric and I now only have room on this piece for nine sheep instead of twelve. That made the decision to have them finished as pillows by Faye at Carolina Stitcher fairly easy. It will be cheaper than getting the whole thing framed, so really I'm coming out ahead.

This is a mystery piece (not to me, but to you guys) that I am making as a Christmas present for someone. I may or may not show more pictures as I make progress. I need to get working on it a little bit more if I want to finish it in time for Christmas. This piece is really special because my mom started it when she was having trouble quilting and was looking for some hand work to do. She hated cross stitch with a passion and was having so much trouble with her hands that I told her I would finish it for her.

What am I?

Here is my exchange piece with my friend out in Washington. She made one for me (which she misplaced!) and I am slowly working on getting this one done for her. There is a lot of embellishment once the cross stitching is done, so I know it's going to get harder before it gets finished. But at least the basics are almost finished!

Elegant Geisha by Dimensions Gold

We started learning crewel at Guild a couple of months ago and this is the project that we are supposed to complete. Well, it should be done by now, but I haven't touched it in weeks. Fancy that! I'm a little scared of the holly leaves because I missed the first teaching session and will have to wing it by following the instructions. I'm not good at instructions...

Christmas Ornament Initial by Maggie Fraser

Last (and maybe least?), this is a project that started out as a guild project. Unfortunately, only six people signed up and so they decided not to take the time in guild meetings to work on it. It's called Renaissance Jewels and is from an old magazine one of my guild friends had. She has made it and finished it, as has our president. It is supposed to be worked as a "band sampler," meaning you do it in sections. I'm way intimidated by this project, so I haven't even touched it yet, even though the two people who have finished theirs can help me.

Summer has meant fewer stitching groups to attend, as everyone is busy. And the ones that are meeting, I'm having a hard time going to, as I never know what I'm going to feel like when I wake up in the morning. Most days, I don't particularly want to talk to anyone (except Justin while he's working) and I confess to canceling my third Friday of the month stitching group until Fall due to lack of interest or people going on vacation.

The Renaissance piece is one that we were going to work on in my third Friday group, so I am hopeful to get this group back up and running again in September.

Right now, I am in an eight week grief group through our local hospice, which has been extremely helpful. It's nice to be around people who know how I am feeling right now and who don't mind listening to me talk about Mom's story over and over. I am also in a women's group every other Tuesday (same day as grief group) and individual counseling. I decided on Monday that this is simply more counseling than I can handle right now and I need to focus on the grief group, so I am going to withdraw from the women's group and make the individual counseling on an as needed basis until grief group is done. As I put it to Justin, I need people to get out of my head for awhile.

Hope you are enjoying your summer and that the fireworks on the 4th don't scare your animals or small children.



  1. Glad to get an update from you Chelle. Everything looks great.


  2. Great update on all your projects!

  3. Wow, you've been so busy, Chelle! The Red Hat sampler is so cute. Your sheep are adorable. They will look nicer as pillows instead of all in one frame. I wonder what the mystery piece full of roses will be?

  4. Well my comment might be a little late ... I had it opened as one of the tabs when your post came out ... and natural me with my big concentration span probably was called away to do something else by the family and lost within the millions of open tabs and windows. But I am here now. I was going to say that that are some gorgeous stitching. And I am glad that you have decided to stitch the sheep after all. I am still thinking about it. A kind blogger told me about the online shops that post LHN to UK and other countries. But the prices were putting off ... 1st one needs to get a chart, then the fabric, then threads, beads, accessories, and then comes the postage. Pillows sound good. I would have had them 4 on one ... with 3 pillows in the end... but then again I am going to have this cross stitch quilt I have been planning (like that will ever happen!) Can't wait to see yours. though.


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