July 06, 2013

I'm Losing My Mind

I went to Hobby Lobby today to buy thread for a couple of smaller projects that I am either working on or ready to start working on. I am trying to do some smaller projects (to feel some sense of accomplishment) and to finish the County Cottage monthly series from last year. For some reason, I took the patterns with me, with the thread I needed circled.

I bought my thread, put the patterns in the bag and headed home. Except, when I got home, none of the patterns were in the bag. I looked everywhere in the house I had been, went back through the car a couple of times, and then called the store. They couldn't find them either.

Here are two of the patterns I lost:

August County Cottage Needleworks
Moonshadow Mini - "Life's Journey"

I don't have the name of the third pattern, because the picture and information was on the front and the pattern, with the information for the thread I needed was on the back.

I am hoping that someone out there in our needlework groups can help me out. If you have done either of the two patterns listed above and no longer need the pattern, could you help a girl out? I'm especially upset with myself about the Country Cottage, because I need to finish it to keep up my monthly turn around in the frame. Plus, I had already started it. The Moonshadow Mini was an old pattern that I got from our needlework guild and is probably out of print by now.

If you have a copy of either pattern, can you let me know how much you would take for it and how I could get it from you? I can buy a new copy of the August pattern, but it seems like a waste of money to buy something I've already bought at full price.

I kind of feel like I've lost my mind since my mom died and things like this keep happening to me. I'd chalk it up to ADD, but it's more likely the scattered brain syndrome that happens when someone you love dies. (This isn't the first time I've done something like this since Mom passed and yes, I cried all the way home from the hobby shop.)

Thanks in advance for checking your stash. I hope I can pay it forward for you someday. If you can share this with your friends to get the word out, I owe you double.



  1. Sorry, I don't have any of those patterns. But don't you know, you'll probably get replacements and then find them after all! (in the bottom of your purse, under the seat in the car, in your pants pocket)

  2. I know all too well how difficult it is to lose a parent. Be good to yourself. I'll look through my patterns to see if I have either of them.


  3. Oh dear, I am so sorry to hear that happened to you. I don't have those myself, so won't be of any help, but hopefully someone can assist.

  4. hello fellow stitcher i do happen to have the series of CCN cottages are you still needing it ?
    if so what is your email?

  5. if you are still looking for this pattern email me and i will send you a copy of mine @ darronswoman@yahoo.com


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