May 06, 2013

Oops! Update Part II

When I was updating yesterday, I forgot to show you these.

Elegant Geisha was started over a year ago (I think) as an exchange with a friend of mine from high school. She finished mine, but misplaced it. I still haven't finished hers. This was on her wish list from 123 Stitch. I've been fighting it because it's 18 count Aida and that count is difficult to get a needle through. Last week, one of my guild friends came over and we were looking through my stash. I noticed how close I was to finishing this, so I pulled it out and decided to just get it done already! I'm actually into the half stitching now around the border, so it's not as hard. It does have quite a bit of embellishment though, so we'll see if I get stuck again.

The Gold Collection Petites - Elegant Geisha

This next one is a mystery gift for my brother that I am hoping to finish by Christmas. When my mom was having trouble quilting, she was looking for handwork to do. I had done this piece for my brother several years ago and Mom had quilted a border for it. I never got a thank you, which was very strange, but I didn't want to ask him what had happened to it. Finally, last Christmas, my mom or I got up the nerve to say, "Hey, did you ever get this and what happened to it?" He never got it. Thank you USPS! It took me a couple of months to make and my mom time to quilt, not to mention the love that goes into every stitch. So, I bought my mom the kit and she started it, but it wasn't long before she put it aside because she simply hated to cross stitch. I can't imagine that, but then again, I don't particularly like to quilt. I think I should be able to finish this fairly quickly if I spend some time on it and don't get distracted by projects I want to start. I'd like to have it to him by Christmas.

Mystery Gift

These are free patterns off of the internet that grabbed my attention. I've never been particularly fond of the way my guild name tag turned out. I'm not really a fan of those colors and someone else decided to fasten my ecru colored cording down with red DMC floss and make a tassel at the bottom corner without consulting me first. I had left a hole in the top for the cording to be tucked into and I was going to put either a pin or a magnet on the back to hold it on when I wear it. It's also a bit larger than I like. So I pulled these patterns from the internet and I'm going to do my own design with the my name and the chapter information on it. I'm also planning to add my EGA number so that when I go shopping at the needlework shops, I will have it handy for a discount. I will be doing this one on Confederate Gray 28 count linen and combining two over two and one over one stitches. I may also put in some satin stitch, just for fun. It will be in pinks and purples or maybe just one of those. Purple may look better on the gray fabric than pink.

Free Patterns from the Internet for New Nametag

Current Nametag - Not My Style

I still need to get around to updating the right hand side of the blog with my works in progress and put my finished projects from this year into the proper place under a 2013 tab at the top. I have four finishes so far this year - the two Stitching the Flock virtues, the June cottage, and the BA sampler. I hope to continue to get some finishes done, as I have so many pretty patterns and kits just waiting for me to get started on!

Happy Stitching!



  1. Great projects Chelle. I look forward to seeing your new nametag.


  2. Your Geisha looks so pretty. Good luck with your Mystery stitch and your new EGA nametag!


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