May 05, 2013

Long Overdue Update

I'm finally here for a long overdue update. It seems as if everything just comes a little later and a little harder since Mom passed away in March. Justin did take me to Ocean City, Maryland for our 25th anniversary and we truly enjoyed having three days away from the house, children, and animals. He went all out on the hotel and we stayed at the Hilton in a beautiful suite with views of the ocean from two sides. It had a walk in shower with three shower heads, which got me to thinking about redoing the shower in our bathroom.

But, on to my update.

I decided to try to finish some projects before moving onto the ones I've recently purchased. I'm tired of looking at the full plastic bucket. Some projects are obviously larger than others, so not all will get done, but I am hoping to get the majority out of there so I can start on some newer ones.

This first one, however, is an ongoing Stitch Along with other Little House Needleworks fans for 2013. I have finished my first two and just got "Peace" in the mail from my LNS, so I will be starting on that one shortly. Here are my two finishes for this year:

Little House Needleworks Stitching the Flock

I finished up the June cottage from last year's stitch along. Only six more cottages to go. I have July kitted up and ready to start.

Country Cottage Needleworks June Cottage

I finally finished my sampler and have now stashed it away to be framed. I'm estimating at least $100 in framing costs (probably higher, even with a coupon), so I am in no hurry to get this done. My dad is going to be bringing up a bunch of Mom's stuff when he comes for Memorial Day and I want to see if he is gifting me with any of the framed stitching done by my great grandmother before I decide where this one will live. We just had the foyer and my sewing area painted, but I am thinking this sampler would look best in the kitchen and we haven't had that painted yet.

Sweet Humility Sampler by Brenda Keys

I know I have a long ways to go on my Butterfly Fairy, but it is going fairly quickly (you can look further down the blog for my last update on her. I love the colors and I am almost done with her skirt. This is another big project, but I am hoping to finish her up by the end of the summer. This pattern was gifted to me by Carrie probably last summer, but I know she understands how much crap I have gone through in the last six months. I have three other patterns she sent me and hope to get to them, as well as the stitch along we were supposed to start last fall. Sorry, Carrie!

Mirabilia Butterfly Fairy by Nora Corbett

This is a project I am doing in embroidery guild. We are learning all different types of stitching and so far, there hasn't been much cross stitch. This is a crewel Christmas ornament with the initial of my last name. I think it's really pretty and so far it hasn't been extremely difficult. Next month, we will begin to learn needlepoint, which I think is just like half cross stitches on canvas.

Crewel Christmas Ornament by Maggie Fraser

And that's about it. I know I really need to update the current projects over there on the right side of the blog, but it's been all I could do to get these photos taken and posted up. Thank you for your patience. It's been a really tough time, but I am hopeful that better times are right around the corner. Of course, nothing will ever be the same without my mom, but somehow the world keeps turning. I don't quite know how that works.

Happy stitching!



  1. Lovely stitching Chelle!! Nice to read you again x

  2. You are one busy lady. Lovely stitching. I have just started the cottage of the month series, I did the May one ready for this month and am about to start the June one. I am only a year behind everyone else!! Who cares, as long as they look gorgeous in the end.

  3. Glad to get a post from you Chelle and that your doing okay. Congrats on all the lovely finishes and great progress on the others.


  4. Chelle, you have to stop apologizing - it is your life and your blog so you don't owe us anything. Take things at your own speed, as I know any true readers will understand.

    I love the look of the butterfly fairy. I haven't done much stitching myself lately, but hope to right that within a few weeks.

    Hope you are coping okay, Chelle, and big gentle hugs coming your way.

  5. Lovely projects. The sampler is stunning!


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