March 10, 2013

More Than Time for an Update

I am not posting nearly as much as I would like and that comes from two reasons. As most of you know, my mother is in the end stages of cancer and I am back and forth between Virginia and South Carolina as we watch her decline. She is currently unconscious and non-responsive, so we are playing a waiting game. I have not gotten nearly as much stitching as I would like to get done (reason two for not posting), but I thought I would at least show you what I have worked on.

As you can imagine, I have been busy here in South Carolina helping my aunt clean out my mother's sewing room so that my father won't have to mess with it and it's been a large job. I also find it very hard to sit and concentrate long enough to get any stitching done. But here is what I have managed to get done.

This sampler is something I started working on seriously when I went to Camp Wannastitch in January and I still would very much like to get it out of my WIP pile and framed. It may end up being a gift for someone, as the colors are not really to my liking and it didn't occur to me until I got this far that I could actually choose my own colors and no one would be the wiser. It's taken me awhile to get out of the habit of just following the directions on the charts. You can guess what kind of student I was!

I am continuing to try to finish last year's SAL from Country Cottage Needleworks. I was trying desperately to finish June while I was here, but I got sick of it and decided I wanted to work on the Stitching the Flock 2013 SAL and why was I working on something that I was not enjoying at the moment? I did get very tired of the cottages and I don't know why that is, except that it's really the same design 12 times with different colors and themes.

This is the Little House Needleworks Stitching the Flock "Hope" virtue second beginning. I'm pretty sure one of my last blog entries was about trying to do this one over one and it ending up a disaster. I have switched to 30 count linen and am doing two over two and am much happier. I have a large piece of fabric I am using for this, as I want to frame all twelve together. I can decide later to cut them apart and do them as pillows, which is how Vonna intended them to be done. If I do that though, I will probably need to get one of the women in my EGA guild to finish them for me. I am not happy with my finishing abilities. We really need to have a finishing class as one of our programs and we may well have had that, since I have missed so many meetings with my mom's illness.

I haven't started this one yet, but I am anxious to get it out and get to work. I thought it was neat, since I had just joined the EGA last year. I don't know whether to leave the date of 1779 in there or change it to 2012, which is when our EGA was established, but I suspect I will leave it at 1779.

That's about it. We are in waiting mode right now and I am anxious to get home, but so, so sad that cancer is taking my mother from me. She had a lot more to give and wasn't ready to die and may be hanging on just to show the cancer that she's in charge. That wouldn't surprise me and would be in keeping with her liking to be in control of what's going on. I've been in SC for about 10 days now and I only brought a few changes of clothes, so I will be glad to get back to my own closet and not doing laundry every other day. Unfortunately, my going home rests on my mom's passing and that is a no win situation, no matter how you look at it.

I do miss Justin, my kids, and my furry people.

Happy stitching,



  1. I'm so sorry you and your family are having to go throug this. Your mom sounds like a special lady, and I know your being there is bringing her comfort. My thoughts and prayers go out to all of you. I hope you can all find peace together. (((((Hugs)))))

  2. Thinking of you during what must be a difficult time for you. Sending you prayers and hoping you can find strength in your memories.

  3. Your June cottage is very pretty. I'm glad you're doing better on the Hope sheep this time. I'm so sorry about your mom, but it's good that you can be there with her.


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