January 26, 2013

I Have No Idea What to Call This Update

Obviously, I'm not posting much. So I have no idea what to call this. Be warned though. It's pretty picture heavy! (I love pictures on other people's blogs, so I figured you must love them too!)

As I have written before (I think - my mind is totally going), I have been in the process of setting up our dining room as my craft room/office. I managed to convince my husband that we could split up the furniture and now he is using the dining room table as his desk and the hutch/cabinet as his storage in his office. Which left me the huge china cabinet and the cabinet that my grandfather made for my own storage. Here are some pictures of my new, homey, gorgeous room of my own.

I am in love with my new chairs and the little table in between that I bought at the local furniture store. The chairs are glider rockers and they are the most comfortable chairs I've ever sat in. We are going to replace the ugly chandelier with a combination ceiling fan/light fixture. This room has an entire wall of windows that have the sun in the afternoon. The light is simply awesome and I am in love with my own space!

Right after I got my craft room all set up, I went away to Camp Wannastitch in Ocean City with our EGA president for three days. It was absolutely awesome and if you are able to get to the east coast without too much difficulty and are a member of the EGA (and maybe even if you're not), you should definitely sign up for this next year. It's every January on the three day weekend of the Martin Luther King holiday. It's held at the Clarion on 101st Street and they provide a room block at a reduced rate and an entire banquet hall with tables for all day/night stitching. If you'd like to check it out, you can search Camp Wannastitch on Facebook, as there is now a page with information. I am trying to convince them to do a second weekend because it was so much fun, so we are discussing maybe going in October this year. Since that was my idea, I might have to do the planning, but it would really be worth it.

Weirdly enough, the best needlework shop I have ever been in is on 8th street on the Boardwalk. I would never have thought that there would be a shop at the ocean, but this one has been there for 30 years. It's called Salty Yarns and they do have yarn, but they also have the most comprehensive selection of designers' charts and kits, thread, fabric, and embellishments. I discovered the designer Shepherd's Bush last weekend and here is what I bought:

Aren't they adorable? And they are all kitted up with silk thread, which I have never used, linen, and embellishments. I kept it to three, but I suspect I will be buying more if I enjoy stitching these.

Speaking of stitching, here is what I accomplished at the retreat.

I am really not enjoying the Hardanger project at all. I think it's the number 5 perle cotton the pattern calls for. I am hoping to get all of the icky number 5 finished so I can change to number 8. The hardanger fabric is very hard to use, as the holes get covered by the thick thread, so I spent a lot of the weekend ripping out and putting back in to make sure it's right. You don't want to miscount on this piece because there will be cutting down the line. I'm terrified of cutting the threads, but the whole point is that there will be holes between your motifs.

When I got frustrated with the hardanger, I pulled out my sampler and have gotten quite a bit done on it. I really would like to finish a few projects before starting any new ones and have forced myself to put away the ones I bought last weekend so that I can try to get some of these UFO's finished.

One of the things I noticed on the retreat was that almost every woman there was using some type of frame to hold her stitching. I never knew that I was doing it "wrong" for 30 years by not putting my work on a frame! So I came home and borrowed a scroll frame and lap stand for it and my friend, Monica, from the guild came over and put it all together for me.

Lavender and Lace Celtic Spring Princess
This is one of those UFO's I was talking about and I would really like to get her out of my to be finished box! We will see how I like using a frame. I also ordered a smaller lapstand that I can sit on and work with both hands from above and below, so I will put that together and see if I like it with the q-snap frame that I have. I may end up going back to stitching without a frame, but with so many people doing it the other way, I have to give it a try.

I have lots of pictures from the retreat of other people's work, but I will save them for another blog entry, as this one is already too long.

Happy stitching!



  1. I rarely use a frame for my cross stitch unless it has specialty stitches. I like to work "in hand". Hoping that we do have a fall "Wannastitch" Maybe we could call the fall one "Gottastitch" (haha). It was a fun weekend. Went by way too quickly. Love your room. Looks like a great place to work.

  2. Lucky you with your own crafting space. It looks great:)

  3. Your room looks great and I just love those chairs!! I have tried one of those frames and it just didn't feel comfortable to me. I use a hoop and can't stitch without it!

    Just let me know when you're ready to start our SAL; I have it ready to go whenever you're ready. I think Linda has the same chart and may want to join us.

  4. What a wonderful stitchy room you have! In the first photo, are those boxes with drawers full of DMC? You lucky girl, you!

  5. Oh wow Chelle. I love your new stitchy space. Looks perfect. Great new stash. What are you and Carrie going to be SALonging on.


  6. Lucky you to have a new stitching room! I don't use a hoop, frame or qsnaps as I always stitch "in hand". Great new stash and stitching progress.

  7. What great stitching stash!

    Lovely projects.

  8. Very jealous of your stitchy room. I need one of those with the growing amount that I have. That's some amazing stitching, I always wished to go on a retreat. But as the answer to everything ... money and time. Can't wait to see progress on those silky new kits.


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