November 30, 2012

Update (Warning - Picture Heavy!)

It must seem like I've disappeared off the internet and, to some degree, I have. My writing has suffered greatly since Malea passed away and I have had no heart for blogging. I have been busy with my needle and thread, however.

But first, I wanted to share with you the framed piece that Malea made for me earlier this year. She went with me to Hobby Lobby on July 23rd to pick out the mat and frame and we bought beads, which I added to every hole on the piece. After she died, I took it back to Hobby Lobby and had them use the frame and mats we picked out together, plus I added a cut out with her name and her birthday and date of death. I haven't found the perfect place for this yet, but I want it somewhere I can see it all the time. That probably means moving some things around in the family room.

I also did a bunch of finishing done this week. It seems like I get on a roll on something and keep going until I'm done! This ornament was finished with ribbon that was ruched all the way around. Really fun to make!

Little House Needleworks - All Dolled Up Collection

This ornament was beaded all the way around with red glass seed beads. I've decided I really enjoy doing bead work. Maybe I can branch out and do some jewelry!

Just Cross Stitch Magazine - December 2011
This one was the stitch along that Carrie over the summer. We will be starting our next Diane Arthurs chart soon I hope. Life has really gotten in the way and Carrie, I apologize!

All Hearts Come Home by Diane Arthurs
This next is a project for the Embroidery Guild. It is on perforated paper with perle cotton. When finished, it will be a scissors case. I'm so excited to be making something useful! I only have the beads to add and it will be ready for the finishing class in January.

Hapsburg Lace Scissors Case by Tanya Berlin
Lastly, since my HAED is all in blue right now, I have been working on this one a lot. I don't have to really think about what I'm doing or worry about color changes or making errors, so it's just right for my frame of mind right now. I wasn't going to post an update until I finished page two, but I'm close enough to share. It's blue all the way to the edge on the right. I will be glad

Fairy on Butterfly by Michele Sayetta
Sorry it took so long to get an update on here. Not only did I lose my best friend on October 21st, Justin's 97 year old grandmother passed away right before Thanksgiving. We also got the news that my mom's experimental medication is no longer working and there are no more treatment options for her. My life feels unbelievably surreal right now. I hope to get back to reading and commenting on your blogs soon.

Happy stitching!



  1. Malea's piece is beautiful! All of your finishes look great. I have to get my Santa piece finished, maybe I will try to do it tomorrow. You are also making great progress on your HAED.

  2. I'm sorry for all your sadness. I hope things turn around for you and there is much joy just around the corner!

  3. Your progress is beautiful. I love how you've framed Malea's piece. You will continue to be in my prayers while you face so many trials. I'm glad you have stitching to help give you a little escape!

  4. Malea's piece looks wonderful! Your ornaments came out great! You're making awesome progress on your HAED! Keep up the super stitching!

  5. I am sorry for your loss (losses?). Hope you feel more content soon, and get back on track with writing and blogging. The stitching is amazing. I always find it as one of the only things that keeps me going in moments of panic. I also wanted to let you know that I have nominated you for an award in my latest post (I know you have received it before - but I couldn't resist), as yours is one of my favourite blogs.


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