November 15, 2012

Help! I Need to Finish This!

I have managed to stitch together the back and front of this Christmas ornament.

All it needs now is ribbon and a hanger, but I am afraid to try putting this together, as I don't have a lot of finishing experience. Any suggestions would be helpful.

I have another one of these ornaments to make from the All Dolled Up series by Little House Needleworks. It's a cute little snowman and I would love to stitch that one up quick and have both of them ready to take with us when we go to my parents' house for Christmas this year to hang on their tree. But I need to know how to finish them off!

This project was started by Malea when we went on our girls' weekend in August. She picked out the pattern from one of my cross stitch magazines and then we went to the store and picked up the supplies she needed. I'm so sad that she didn't get a chance to get more done on this. The needle is exactly where she left it at the end of the weekend. Her sister has asked me to finish it for her, so this is something I will also be working on. It's not a large project and shouldn't take more than a few days to get finished.

Malea had two other projects in progress and I am hoping her husband will come across them when he is going through her things and mail them to me to finish for her family. She had gotten quite a bit done on her angels (you can see them under the tab with her work above) and she had finished the one for her granddaughter, which I would like to get framed and send to her son. I know it must be really hard for her family to sort through and part with anything that belonged to her, so I am trying to be patient and remember how difficult that task will be.

Please leave suggestions on how to put the ribbon on the ornament in the comments. I truly appreciate your help!



  1. Great finish. Here's a link for finishing ornaments

    1. Thanks, Lesleyanne. I don't have a sewing machine and I've already gotten my two pieces sewn together. I know there is a way to finish it without using a sewing machine, so I am going to check with the women in my sewing club tomorrow. Maybe they can help. I'm bringing the ribbon with me.

  2. Good question, Chelle, finishing is not my strong suit either. However, your stitching looks gorgeous. Thanks Leslyanne for the link.

    How sweet of you to offer to finish off your friend, Malea's, stitching for her family.

  3. I just stitched through both sides of the ribbon when I finished mine. I used a gold kreinik since the border at the top was also gold. Idk if that's the right way or not though!

  4. Chelle, come on over and stop by my blog, I'm talking about you!


  5. Check out all of these great tutorials.


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