August 15, 2012

SAL Update and More

I spent the weekend with my dearest friend, Malea, who is fighting stage IV breast cancer. We had planned a fun weekend of hanging out and stitching, but unfortunately, the cancer intruded again and we logged a bunch of miles traveling back and forth to Kaiser, where she received infusions of antibiotics every 12 hours for an infected port. On Monday, I took her to the Kaiser in Springfield and they removed her port, an excruciating procedure. I can only begin to imagine the pain she went through as I held her hand and cried with her while they worked on her.

Cancer really sucks you guys.

But we did get some stitching done in between medical trips.

Here is my update on the SAL with Carrie and Linda:

I know Carrie is a bit further along than I am, but this should not take too much longer to finish. I am stitching it on 28 count evenweave and really enjoying it. I may put in a few hours on this during the week, as my parents are coming to visit for the weekend and I may or may not get a chance to work on this next Sunday.

I also worked on my Spring Princess:

Her dress is gorgeous, but it's just so much! I will be glad when I get more of this filled in. I have Summer and Autumn to do after Spring is finished, but I may take a good long break before starting another Lavender and Lace project. These are so detailed and time consuming, but they are beautiful when finished.

I also put in quite a few hours on my HAED:

I am very excited that the end of page one is in sight, although I'm not quite sure why, since I will still have 19 pages when I finish this one. I am actually a little further along than the picture shows, as I put in some more time last night after snapping this picture. The round part that is emerging is the moon and it is in metallic Kreinik thread. I am excited to be close to working in the metallic thread, but also concerned about what my snap frame is going to do to the stitches when I need to move it over. Does anyone have any idea whether I will have to take the frame off when that time comes?

I have also been working on my Country Cottages. I am so far behind - still on May and here I just ordered the September pattern!

 I really need to get back to work on this and finish it! I have all of the other patterns, but I think what's happening is that I'm getting kind of sick of them. The designs are basically all the same, so I may have made a commitment to a project that I am now bored with. Oy.

Malea got a PICC line put in yesterday, so she will be able to continue her chemotherapy. We were very concerned that if the port came out, they would have to stop treatment. I am hoping that in October we will have a chance to go away for a real retreat at a local resort nowhere near a Kaiser facility.

This weekend is IHSW again (wow, that came around fast!) and I have signed up, but I have no idea if I will get any time to stitch or not as my parents will be here from South Carolina to visit. My mom is a professional quilter and I am hoping she will bring some sewing of her own so that we can spend some time together with our respective hobbies. She is also going to teach me how to make pie crust, which is something I have just never been able to learn. If I get it, I plan on lots of pies in the next few months!

Happy stitching!



  1. I had a wonderful weekend with you concidering i had a lot of bad news and mishaps that weekend. Many things were not planned for our best friend weekend, but you handle everything so well and you took such good care of me.
    You drove me back and forth every 12 hrs for IV antibiotics. You held my hand when the pain was at the highest and you hugged me when tears of sadness came rolling down during a tough converation and you were calm when out of my control i got sick in your car. With your illnesses you still took care of me.
    For that, it was the best time. I love you for being my best of friends.

    Love you

    1. Well shit. Now I'm crying again. I wasn't going to share that you got sick in my new car!!!

      Whatever I can do for you, I will, because you are more a sister to me than a biological one could be.

      By the way, I think the car is back to normal now and it was very nice about what happened. :o)

      Love you to the moon and back,

  2. Great progress on all your pieces Chelle. Don't give up on the CCN monthlies. They are so pretty.


    1. Thanks for the encouragement, Linda. I really am getting kind of bored with them, but I want to finish the entire year. I just use them as what I take with me when I have to wait for one of the kids because they are small and easy to carry around. Everything else I am doing seems so big!

  3. Wow, Chelle! You have been stitching like crazy. Spring Princess will be gorgeous. Your HAED is coming along so quickly!

  4. Everything is looking great! I have really enjoyed our SAL on All Hearts Come Home. I think I'll be sad when we are finished so we may have to do another one in the future!

    1. Start looking for another pattern we can do on Sundays. Want to do another Diane Arthurs?

    2. Yes! I have fallen in love with her charts! I'll start looking!

  5. What a wonderful friend you are. She is very lucky to have you! You made some great progress! I adore the Lavender and Lace piece...all four are on my wish list.

  6. Hello

    So sorry to hear about your friend, she is lucky to have a friend like you to help her through.

    You have some beautiful stitching!

    Holly x


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