August 21, 2012


It's been a roller coaster two weeks, with my parents coming up from South Carolina this past weekend. It was so awesome to see them and I can't wait to go visit in October. Which was a totally spur of the moment decision that I would fly down for a few days. Don't you love it when you can be spontaneous?

But I am guessing you hopped over here for some pictures. Although I was super busy this past weekend, I did manage to get some things done.

First, remember that "surprise" project I said I would unveil in the Fall? Well, it was a gift to my parents, who will celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary on September 1st. We were celebrating while they were here and here is the gift that I made for them:

Although I wasn't really able to get a great picture of this because the glass reflected no matter what I did, I think you get the idea. This pattern can be used for either the 50th or the 25th wedding anniversary. You use gold metallic thread for 50 and silver for 25. Justin and I will be celebrating 25 years next year and I might just stitch one of these up for us. It was a fast and easy stitch and really fun to do. And I'm very happy with the matting and frame. (Go Hobby Lobby - you rock framing!)


I have been stitching entirely on my stitch along with Carrie, as I have decided I will only work on this one until I finish it. I was getting really overwhelmed with all of the WIPs and new patterns, so I decided I needed a finish. Plus, we have ordered two more Diane Arthur patterns for a new stitch along (you all are invited!), so I wanted to finish this one. I'm not sure what I'm going to do with it when it's finished. I don't usually do Christmas stitches because I hate having to put them away after two weeks of displaying them. I might do a Diane Arthurs for each season and then I could leave them all out if I put them together.

Speaking of Diane Arthurs, here are the patterns Carrie and I chose for our next SAL:

Free Kittens by Diane Arthurs

Great Harvest by Diane Arthurs

We had decided to do Free Kittens first, followed by Great Harvest, but I think I am going to suggest to Carrie that we do Great Harvest first, since fall starts next month. There are so many cute Diane Arthurs patterns that I don't think we will run out of patterns to stitch from her for quite awhile. We may still be stitching her stuff in five or ten years! Carrie, what do you think about switching the order?

Finally, here is my TUSAL, which I chose to set besides my fat, lazy cat, Max. He was quite put out by this thing in his space and was very happy when I took it away. You can see lots of blues in there from my HAED.

I have set goals for myself of finishing All Hearts (the SAL) and the first page of Faery on Butterfly by the end of August. That may be a bit ambitious, but I don't have too much scheduled and school starts next Wednesday, so I might just be able to get both of those done by the end of the month if I focus. (Which isn't so easy when you are distracted by shiny things and new patterns!) I am not allowing myself to start the Mirabilia pattern that Carrie sent me for my birthday until I get those two things finished and it's just about killing me, as it is all kitted up and waiting for me. I need twelve hands and six brains so I can work on multiple projects at once.

I hope everyone had a great IHSW weekend.

Happy stitching!



  1. The piece for your parents is lovely. The Santa is very cute and I also like your new SAL charts. Busy, busy needles!

  2. I love the anniversary gift for your parents, it came out so nice!

  3. Your surprise project is beautiful! Love both your SAL chart choices...can't wait to see which you guys choose to start first!

  4. Your anniversary piece is really beautiful. Wow!! Your almost done with All Hearts. I have both those Diane Arthurs charts (I probably have about 95% of her charts and a few kits plus magazines). I am going to start one of her new ones - Mermaid Myrna and I love the one on the cover of The Stitchery catalog - Harvest Light. I'm not real fond of her earlier designs but I do like Great Harvest. I would really love to join you whenever I get my stitching mojo back.


    1. Linda,

      If you have any charts by Diane Arthurs that you don't think you will stitch or are done with, I would be willing to take them off your hands! I am in love with her designs.


    2. Hi Chelle. Do you think we could chat via email. I just took a chance and looked here.


  5. The anniversary piece turned out beautiful! The frame is perfect and I'm sure your parents loved it!

    I started the back stitching on our SAL piece and I should have it finished in a few more days. I got my new charts in the mail today, did you? I can't believe how fast the delivery was! I think it's a great idea to start Great Harvest first since we are heading into fall. These two charts should get us through the fall and maybe even into the winter months.

  6. Wonderful! I love the anniversary piece and the pieces you picked out for your SALs! And your current SAL looks great. TUSAL jar too! Great pic filled post, I love those!

  7. The 50th Anniversary piece is gorgeous! I made one for my parents last year too. You should definitely stitch the 25th for your own anniversary.

    Great progress on your SAL! It's always fun to stitch the same chart when you know someone else is stitching it too.

    Your ORT jar looks wonderful and it's always best when there's a cat in the picture too!

  8. I love the 50th anniversary stitching! Did you follow the pattern colors suggested? I recently ordered the pattern and wondered if you stitched the names and dates in the tan or green or improvised any of the colors. Please email me a response at


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