August 08, 2012

HAED Is Having a 50% Off Sale!!!

I already have more projects in progress and waiting for me to begin than I could possibly ever finish in my life. But when I heard about the HAED 50% off sale (through August 10th), I just had to go over and see what was what. Do you know they have more than 7,000 patterns???? Talk about brain overload.

Obviously I couldn't look at every pattern, even though I really wanted to. And even though I went ahead and bought four patterns ($20 for FOUR PATTERNS!!!!), I want to go back and see what else I can find.

But, in the interest of not being more overwhelmed and the fact that I am only half through with the first page of my current 20 page HAED, I am going to try to only post what I bought here and then get off the computer. So here are the four patterns I picked:

Faces of Faery 14

Faces of Faery 73

(Someone just finished this design on Stitching my first Heaven and Earth Design. It was beautiful, I thought I would give it a try myself.)

PTP Faery in my Rose Garden

Tiny Treasures Kitten 2
The PTP Faery is one of their tiny designs. It is on 40 count linen, one over one and, if I counted right, has 90 different floss colors. The finished size is supposed to be 6" by 7 1/2". I have no idea if I can do this, but it's definitely a challenge I would love to take on. On the floss usage chart, there are a couple of colors that are tens of thousands of stitches. In a 6" X 7 1/2" space, I'm not exactly how that will work. But, since I have so many projects currently in the works, I may not ever find out.

Have you bought any HAED designs since they went on sale? If you don't have enough stash, I encourage you to head on over to their website and see if there's anything that catches your fancy.



  1. Sometimes I do hate the blog updates! I received the email on my phone intending to check out my wish list and see if anything sparkles a huge desire to own. Then due to internet not working I have forgotten all about it until I saw someone's update on blogger. Might have even been yours. So I headed over fully intending to resist. But ended up buying one chart for $4.50 ... which is even less in pounds. I would be exceptionally happy with my bargain, unless I wasn't turning into on of those acquiring charts that I would probably not get a chance to stitch people; in other words an addict. At the moment I am an unproud owner of 8 charts, and only 3 pages into my first (total of 36). The only conciliation is that the latest is only 9 ... so if I were stitching it I would be a 3rd in. I think the worst thing is that the reward programme they have on the website means that we shouldn't need to buy so many charts. So with that I will take the moral ground over my body and mind and will force myself to not consider another sale until I finish at least one of the charts (or get a better paid job).

  2. By which I meant I was working on my 3rd page ... just realised what I types sounded a bit off the mark. Sorry.

  3. I love all the charts you chose Chelle! This kind of sale is just too hard to pass up. But now it's time to BACK AWAY FROM THE COMPUTER and get stitching! lol

  4. I've seen several blogs posting their many beautiful ones! I haven't decided yet what I wanted to buy! Great choices!

  5. Hi Chelle,

    the charts are beautiful.
    I've baught two HEAD Designs, too.

    Greetings Manuela

  6. You chose adorable charts! I have a HAED PTP chart, but I plan to stitch it on 25 or 22 ct instead. I won't even try 40 ct. But who knows if I will ever start it anyway?! Time to go shopping!

  7. Love the charts you picked up! I own too many HAED's to count, but my stash makes me happy, and I plan on living til at least 300 to get them all done! lol


  8. I just love the charts that you picked. I couldn't resist the sale, but then again I can't resist HAED charts full stop. LOL It is wonderful to see what designs we choose. Thanks for sharing!


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