July 17, 2012

Supplies for Tutorial on Lacing

Today is the last day for the giveaway of the Butterfly pattern by Country Cottage Needleworks. I have seven entrants right now, but I will still take entries today and will announce a winner tomorrow.

I spent a good part of yesterday lacing up the angel. I have a ton of pictures to go with the tutorial I will be writing on lacing for those of you who requested it, but I thought I would share the finished product.

Not an expert lacing job, by any means, but certainly good enough for the framer!

I had to unpin the entire thing and trim the board because it wasn't square. I also took out one of the french knots at the bottom because it didn't turn out quite right and I thought it would look better without it. Also, I took out the wording at the bottom and made my name and initials much smaller down in the right hand corner.

I promise the tutorial is coming, now that I have the pictures. I wanted to tell you that as far as supplies (if you want to do your own lacing) you are going to need a quilting mat and ruler. You can get them at any craft store or Joanns and look like this:

These allow you to get your foam core the correct size for your frame and also make sure that it's square. I didn't get the largest size, but this one is just fine for my needs, as I don't do many really large projects. I recommend one that is at least this size - 18" by 24."

You also will need foam core, which you can get in sheets from the craft store. Hobby Lobby has great acid free foam core which you can get in varying sizes. I buy the largest size - 24" X 36" - and just cut it to the size I need. You should also have a good utility knife (for the foam core) and a rotary cutter. And you will need a lightweight batting and a spray adhesive to attach it to the foam core. The batting will make your needlework really "pop."

Lastly, make sure you get some large size quilting needles and heavy duty quilting thread.

Once you have all of these supplies, you will be ready for the tutorial I will be putting up.

Yesterday, I also worked on my May cottage, although my hands were kind of sore from lacing the Angel, so I didn't get much done.

The HAED is calling me today, so in between having to go in and out for errands, I will probably be working on that.

Oh, this is fun. I ordered a personalized license plates for my new car. I think it fits me.

It's a perfect blend of my autism advocacy and my passion, don't you think? I can't wait for them to come so I can put them on the car! It was surprisingly hard to find a stitching phrase that wasn't already taken. I guess there are more stitchers in Virginia than I thought.

Happy stitching!



  1. WOW, love your beautiful angel :) it is gorgeous! your lacing is quite perfect! Good Job!

    1. Vonna, from you that is very high praise indeed! Thanks for making my day.


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  3. That lacing looks lovely! I hope to follow your tutorial some day. Thanks for the supplies list.

    What an awesome license plate frame you chose! I just bought a window decal for the car that says "got cross stitch?"


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