July 02, 2012

SAL Progress

I spent yesterday morning running errands in my new car - one of which was to get the proper measuring mat and ruler for "finishing," so now I have my Rainbow Bridge ready to be laced up!

The rest of the day was spent on my SAL with Carrie and Linda. here is my progress:

I wanted to get as much of the red out of the way as possible, since it is not one of my favorite colors. I love the evenweave fabric I chose to stitch this on. I may order that for my restart of my HAED when I get my birthday money later this month! It's 28 count white evenweave linen and so comfortable to hold.

Here's what the Rainbow Bridge Story looks like just before lacing:'

It is centered on the foam core, which has a layer of thin batting glued to the front to make the stitches "pop." As you can see on the back, I have folded the fabric like a present and pinned the corners. I will lace across the back with a large sewing needle and quilting thread first, making sure to stretch the fabric evenly and then lace up and down, again stretching as needed. The corners will be sewn down last. I will post pictures in order after I get the entire thing laced.

I'm off to have lunch and go clothes shopping with my oldest son this afternoon. I hope you all stay cool in the heat and everyone has electricity back on that was hit by that awful storm the other night.

Happy stitching!



  1. What a great start on your SAL piece! Rainbow Bridge looks wonderful. I have never tried to lace anything before. I am looking forward to your photos. Do you still plan to donate it to your vet's office? I think that's a wonderful idea.

  2. Great start on our SAL Chelle. You did a great job on mounting Rainbow Bridge. I have never pinned or laced - I just tape the piece to a piece of cardboard.



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