July 16, 2012

SAL and Better Rainbow Bridge Pictures

I did spend most of yesterday stitching on All Hearts Come Home and here is where I am now.

I got the reindeer done except for the beads and the antlers (which will be done at the end).

I also unwrapped The Rainbow Bridge and got some better pictures for you.

It's impossible to get a shot of the whole thing and let you read the poem, so I broke it up for you. Sorry about the glare. I got glass when it was framed to protect the needlework, so there was no way to avoid it when my camera insisted on using the flash.

Don't forget to go to my giveaway post and add your name if you want to be entered to win the butterfly by Country Cottage Needleworks! I think I have eight entries right now, so you stand a good chance to win if you enter.

I suspect I will be working on my HAED today, although I am starting to think I need to get the Princess out and stitch on her. Sometimes I wish I had more hands to work on more than one project at once! The sampler and the May cottage are also calling to me. What do you do when you have so many lovely things to stitch on and only two hands?

Happy stitching!



  1. Die Rainbow Brigde sieht super gerahmt aus.
    Und der Weihnachtsmann wird sehr schön.
    LG Grit

  2. I set myself up a rotation - so I can stitch on a little bit of EVERYTHING! :)


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