July 20, 2012


This weekend is International Hermit and Stitch Weekend. And, as usual, I will be hermiting and stitching.

I have been drawn to my HAED all week and here is the progress I have made:

I really want to get an entire page finished. I will be getting to moon portion soon and it is stitched with Kreinik metallic thread.

As you can see, the project is on a snap type frame and I need to know what will happen when I need to move it and it covers up the already stitched portion. Should I be removing the frame every night and whenever I am not stitching on it?

I hope you all have a happy hermit weekend!

Happy stitching!



  1. I have heard you are always supposed to take it off the hoop/Q snaps after stitching (I think it tugs on the stitches), but I never actually do. Though there are probably lots of "shoulds" I just skip over, i'd rather just enjoy my hobby!

  2. Such a gorgeous design. I don't use a hoop or snap, so sorry, can't give any advice on what to do at night.

  3. It's good progress! I don't use any sort of frames so won't be of help.

  4. Great progress.I use a snap frame and remove it when I'm not stitching.

  5. I leave my Qsnap on until I am done! LOL. But I use one that is big enough for the whole project. If I was just stitching a portion and some of it is covered by the frame, yes, I would take it off when I'm not stitching.

    You really got a lot done since you changed your fabric count! Great job!

  6. Hello!
    I just found your blog, and I love it! You do beautiful stitching! If you have time, I would love it if you could check out my blog.


  7. Hmm, I don't use Q-snaps, so I'm not quite sure what you're supposed to do. Maybe layer a piece of protective fabric ove the already stitched part?

    This is looking great, btw. :D


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