June 04, 2012

Updated Rainbow Bridge and a Huge Thank You

I was hoping that my next Rainbow Bridge update was going to be a finished project, but I was too sick yesterday to do any stitching. You know I don't feel well if I don't feel like stitching!

But, I thought I would show you how far I did get.

The rainbow was frogged and completely redone and I have gotten the left half of the foilage by the bridge done. I hope to make huge progress today.

Also, a huge thanks to my friend, Carrie, at Carrie's Cross Stitch. I received four cross stitch magazines in the mail today and hadn't even gotten through two of them when I found this adorable little pup:

Sam and Peeps by Rebecca Judge and Genny Haines

He looks like a quick stitch and I knew the minute I saw him I was going to stitch him! As soon as I get done with the Rainbow Bridge, I will be kitting this little guy up. There are four more designs that I am thinking I would like to get, but the magazine is from England, so I need to look into how to order them. There are also many, many beautiful designs in the four magazines Carrie sent me, so I can see a lot of new projects on the horizon! (And I haven't even been to the needlework show and In Stitches yet!)

Anyway, I need to get to stitching as I am determined to finish the Rainbow Bridge if it kills me! I have no idea what I will do with it once it is finished, but I'm sure I can think of someone who would like it or someplace to hang it.

Happy stitching!



  1. You got those magazine fast! Yeah for the US Postal Service! That puppy is adorable! I'm glad you were able to find some designs that you like.

    Sorry to hear that you weren't feeling well yesterday, hope you're better today.

    Rainbow Bridge is coming along great!

  2. Great job, Chelle! I'm sure you're relieved that you moved the rainbow over. It will be a wonderful finished project!

  3. I think there is quite a lot of progress on the rainbow and bridge since I last saw it. Keep on persevering! You are almost there.


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