June 25, 2012

A New Finish and a SAL!

I was busy, busy, busy at the beach this week. I finished The Rainbow Bridge and it is waiting in my ever enlarging packet of finishes that need to be "finished." I plan to finish one other gift project (so no pictures until after it's given) and take both to be framed. I also need to get busy "finishing" the things I'm done with, but I need to get some information from a woman at the Guild about the stuff she uses instead of mat board because I want to order a bunch.


I had a second finish while at the beach!

Really pleased with how this one turned out, because I wasn't too thrilled with the green of the cottage. But I think it's a nice contrast to the pink.

I have begun working on my secret gift and it shouldn't take more than a couple of days - I made sure not to get another BAP for this one because I have a very tight deadline on it!

I wanted to save my ORT's while I was stitching at the beach, so I took along a little teeny canning jar from Justin's collection. See if you notice anything special about this.

Yep, those are the seashells that Joey and I collected to bring home!  I am thinking it's time to find a larger glass container for my little threads. Almost all of my shells are a deep purple somewhere on them and I think I found one little piece of sea glass, also purple. What should I do with our shells? We didn't find many - I guess Nags Head doesn't wash up a lot of them or a lot of people had been out collecting before we did.

Carrie and I are ready to start our SAL on All Hearts Come Home.

We are all kitted up and are just waiting on Linda to tell us when she is ready to begin! If you'd like to join the SAL, please let us know and we will add you.

That's about it for today. I did want to share this present I brought home from the beach with you though:

One minute and 16 seconds of the beautiful beach at Nags Head. If you want to bookmark it so you can listen to it on a loop while you sew, feel free and please send me instructions on how to put it on a loop!!!

Happy stitching!



  1. Your March cottage is so pretty! I love the pink and green colors. What kind of fabric are you using for your new SAL? Thanks for the waves video. It sure would be nice to be able to sit on the beach and stitch, but it's always too windy and sandy!

  2. Hi Chelle,

    your cottage is nice. I like the cottages and I will stitch the cottages too.

    Grettings Manuela

  3. For anyone who is curious, the cottages are by County Cottage Needleworks and you can get them as kits from www.123stitch.com all kitted up and ready to go. I'm not in love with the fabric they chose, but since I started with it, I will finish with it.

    I recommend finding a frame somewhere other than the one they recommend, as it is only four pieces of wood with no glass and no back. I'm not sure how I'm supposed to use it as a frame, but I guess I'm going to get a piece of glass cut to protect the stitching and then I will have the hobby store maybe make a backing for me? I'm not sure they can even do that, but they framed a map for my son for me for $1 at Christmas, so I have faith in them!


  4. HI Chelle, I am a new follower - I came across from Linda's blog. A lovely SAL you have chosen.

    hugs, Kaye


  5. Hi Chelle! I'm a New follower :)

    Lovely March Cottage finish!!! I simply love the pastel like colours.

    Lovely SAL you have... too bad I've got tonnes on my plate right now or I'd have join in a split second! Have fun :)

    Looking forward to seeing your progress. Happy Stitching


  6. Hi Chelle,

    The Spring Flowers is stitched over 2 threads using 2 strands on 28 count evenweave: On HAEDs I stitch on 28 or 25 count 1 over 1 full crosses.

    You are organised with getting Christmas stitching started. Like the March Cottage.


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