June 12, 2012

IHSW - June 15th through 17th

We will be on vacation next week and traveling (burglars beware - we have two very protective dogs protecting the house and an alarm system and a neighbor who works from home next door and another neighbor coming down to take care of the animals, so I think we've got home protection under control), but I really wanted to take part in the next IHSW hosted by Joysze. So I have been stitching constantly for the last week and every minute I have this week.

I will have picture updates from the beach and lots of pics with my mom, who is bringing her sewing machine to do major quilting. Poker, mastermind, reading, sunning, swimming, and general family time is also on the agenda. Work (for Justin) is absolutely not. I am getting him for 10 days with no interruptions from work. In fact, he won't even be turning his phone on. YAY!

So, in this vein, I am going to hold my updates until early next week to see what I have been able to accomplish. I have actually made quite a bit of progress - an almost finished Rainbow Bridge, some progress on my HAED, and begun the March Country Cottage (cottage almost finished already!) so I feel pretty good about the progress I am making.

As usual, though, there are too many projects and not enough stitching time (which would be 28 hours a day if I could!) and I still have too many projects to ever finish and have offered to take over my best friend's gift for her granddaughter, as she is simply too sick from her chemo treatment to finish it. That will be a labor of love for the baby due August 1st.

Please have a wonderful rest of the week. And just so you don't go away empty handed, here is a video of my remarkable frisbee dog, Charlotte.

This little girl is the love of my life!



  1. Have a great vacation Chelle. Great video of your dog.


  2. Have a wonderful vacation! Looking forward to seeing your stitching progress when you get back!

  3. Enjoy some wonderful "you" time while you're on vacation!

  4. Have a wonderful time away! Your dogs are gorgeous. It's a lovely gesture to help out with a friend's stitching also

  5. Have a great vacation I dooubt I'll get a lot fo stitching in either. I'm spending time with my Mum on Saturday and my Dad on Sunday.

  6. Thanks, everyone. I can't wait. Our house is torn apart trying to get everything together to leave in the morning. And I'm freaking out, of course, that I'll forget something we can't buy down there. (What is there we can't buy down there besides our prescriptions? And even those could probably be replaced by a call to our doctors, right?)

    So, I'm stitching on Rainbow Bridge and trying not to panic. Hoping to sew on the way down and my mom is bringing her sewing machine, so we plan an entire week of hermiting and stitching since she doesn't feel she can do the beach since her leg amputation last year.


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