May 30, 2012

What's Wrong With This Picture?

Can you see the mistake and would you fix it if you do?

Help! I think I'm too invested to go back! And honestly, I really don't want to. But with four years into this project, I don't want it to look off in any way. Can you tell what I did wrong?



  1. I have no idea what the error is. In one of my massive oil paintings I had an entire image lopsided ... it annoyed me to great lengths but no one saw it until I pointed it out. So maybe you shouldn't correct the error ... you can always claim that you have done it deliberately to add something of your own to the project.

  2. I can't see anything wrong. If you are happy to leave it I would leave it.

  3. I can't see one thing wrong with it, Chelle! No reason to go back! :)

  4. Is the rainbow off center by a few stitches? I wouldn't pull it all out because it might show open holes and be more obvious that you frogged it just to move it over a little bit. I would make sure that the bridge is centered with the title at the top though. Did I guess right?

  5. Whatever it is, your the only one that knows, so I would just leave it. If we can't spot it, it can't be that bad.


  6. Debbie wins the prize! Which is, unfortunately, being right. Since I don't have anything really cool to send her for guessing correctly!

    I have frogged the entire rainbow, repositioned it in the center, replaced one color of thread with another because I ran out (being such a perfectionist, I go through a lot of floss), and will post pics when I get the last stitch on the rainbow put in today.

    Thanks to all of you who said you couldn't see it. I showed it to my hubby before I snapped this picture and he saw it immediately. I guess you had to see it in context of the entire banner. If he could see it, it had to be fixed.

    New picture coming soon!

  7. Glad you managed to sort out the rainbow.

    Thanks for your comment on my cupcakes: the SAL is on the HAED BB.


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