May 25, 2012

Weekend Goal for HAED

I decided I wanted to set a goal for myself this weekend, since we don't really have much in the way of plans. My oldest son is working and my husband is making homemade barbeque sauce. I'm going to see if I can talk him into some smoked chicken to shred for sandwiches with some watermelon and home fries and maybe some peach cobbler for dessert one night. Yum.


Here is where I am right now with the HAED:

There are a couple of things that scare me about this piece. The first is that I used regular quilting thread to grid this page because my glaced thread hadn't arrived and I'm a bit concerned that I won't be able to get it out once the stitching is done. I can see a huge difference between the regular quilting thread and the glaced thread in terms of being able to get it out of the stitched piece.

The second thing that scares me a bit is this:

That little tiny bit of blue up in the left hand corner is what I have done so far. This project is the largest I have ever undertaken and, even though I am an experienced cross stitcher, the sheer size is a little overwhelming. There will be 19 pages of pattern to do once I finish this first page and that is a lot of little stitches when you're doing one over one! Joey and I added it up (I already knew, but I wanted him to do a little math for fun - don't hate me; he loves math) and we figured out that it's about 200,000 little, teeny, tiny stitches. That's a lot of stitches!!! 10,000 to a page. How many stitches can you do in an hour? A day? If you're not interrupted, that is.

So, my goal for this weekend is to get the first page completed and grid up the second one. Maybe even get a start on the second page. Which means I will be focusing on this exclusively until I have achieved that goal.

Do any of you have any suggestions on how to make sure you can get your gridding thread out when you finish a page? Also, I have noticed that most people start at the left and move to the right. Is there a reason to do it across instead of down? I would guess it's so you aren't holding the already stitched part any more than necessary, but if this is true, then why wouldn't you start in the upper right hand corner? Just curious. Oh and one more question. If you are using a hoop, doesn't it distort the stitches that you put it over once you have completed a page? I generally don't use a hoop, but have been for this one.

Happy Memorial Day weekend and happy stitching. And please remember what Memorial Day is really about and take a moment to honor those fallen veterans who fought for our freedom.

UPDATE: I forgot that I can't see the tiny little holes once it gets dark! And how many stitches is involved in doing an entire page...I can grasp 10,000 stitches in my mind, but when you start actually trying to get 10,000 stitches done in one weekend...let's just say it probably isn't going to happen. But I am giving it my best shot - I will post an updated picture of just how far I was able to get at the end of the weekend.

(I may have to take a break and work on something a lot smaller and faster to finish!)



  1. Great start!!! I have no advice about the gridding thread as I haven't done that, though with the counting errors I've encountered, I am starting to think I should have given it a shot.

  2. Wow, I think you're so brave to try something of this size. I haven't done any really large projects yet but I think it's better to use a frame rather than a hoop as the completed work will then be wrapped around rather than pulled (if that makes sense). Good luck with your stitching and am looking forward to watching your progress.


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