May 27, 2012

Update on Rainbow Bridge

This morning I decided I was going to give those puppies one more chance and see if I could count them right. If not, the kit was going back into my sewing box. If I got it correct, I would continue on and finish it. Here's where I am!

I have achieved puppies!!!

So The Rainbow Bridge project has been saved. I will continue on. I only have a hamster and a bird left to stitch and the bridge at the bottom and this 3 year project will be finished.

In other news, I worked all day Friday and Saturday on my HAED and plan to go back to it tomorrow. I won't finish a whole page (since I got sidetracked on the dogs), but I have made significant progress. I think I need a five year plan for the HAED, since I want to do a lot of other projects. I will post a picture on Tuesday of the progress I've made.

Speaking of other projects, if any of you can recommend a designer or a pattern for a small angel piece, I would love to hear about it. I put my beautiful angel girl in the half bath and now I need a small piece to complement it on the wall behind the toilet (how graceful, I know!). But I like people to have something beautiful to look at, no matter what they are doing.

And, I am currently shopping for a new quilt for our bed. I am really liking the shabby chic decorating style, even though I'm not quite sure how to achieve it. I had to get the handmade double wedding ring quilt off of my bed because the animals were going to destroy it and it wasn't meant to be used and washed on a regular basis. It stinks that such a beautiful quilt isn't supposed to be used, but I folded it up and put it on my quilt rack, along with another quilt my mom made and gave me when she moved in January.

I couldn't have folded that better if I tried! This is the last quilt my mom made completely by hand. It is a king size quilt and it took her two years to quilt it. Now she has her own quilting business and works on a long arm machine and quilting is much faster. She's a pretty well known quilter amongst the local guilds here and I'm sure will gain lots of business from the guilds in South Carolina where they just moved.

Okay, back to finish the doggies and then back to my HAED. Isn't it funny how we get so frustrated and then if it goes right, we're right back on track?

Happy stitching!



  1. Yeah Chelle. I knew you could do it. Congrats.


  2. I am happy to hear that your stitching is back on track. And your mums quilt is beautiful!

  3. Yay! Glad you got rainbow bridge sorted out. So frustrating when a project gets... well... frustrating!


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