May 23, 2012

Stitching Day Disaster

I was so excited I had all day to stitch yesterday. So, I pulled out the rarely worked on Rainbow Bridge, thinking I could get finished with everything except the bridge. Um, not.

Here is what 5 hours worth of work accomplished:

The green section was already done!!!!

I spent the first hour just frogging the stitches I had put in incorrectly the last time I worked on it. Then I put in a couple more hours putting stitches in the wrong places. Then I frogged some more. Then I worked on the orange puppy. Then I frogged some more and restitched.

I finally got so frustrated that I put it down and picked up the Princess, thinking at least the purple is a great color and the fabric is easy to work with. After putting in a whole vertical row of stitches and ripping it all out completely because I had counted over one too many holes and it was over 3 instead of over 2 threads, I gave up in disgust and considered it an entire day wasted, because it was 9:30 at night.

Ironically, I was watching Groundhog Day last night while I was ripping.

I have another open day today and am hoping to get some correct stitching done, but after the new dog woke me up again at 5:15 to go potty and I never got back to sleep, I have a feeling that the errors are somewhere in the fog that is my brain and no matter what I pick up, I may have the same problem I did yesterday.

Maybe I'll take a short nap first...

Happy stitching.



  1. Oh dear sounds stressful. I have hidden one project in the box for the shame of having stitched a total of 6 hours in the wrong colour. Which means this colour should have been elsewhere and there won't be enough of it. Very sad. I have a massive ruler with which I note what row I am working on and orientate with stitched stitches. And I bought the gridding stuff from America to mark out 10 by 10 squares for the bigger projects. So hopefully no errors from now on.

    1. Lija, I know exactly what you mean. I did that on my HAED, but discovered it not too far in. There's no way I can rip it out, but I think there is plenty of thread and I can always buy more.

      Couldn't you convert the colors? There's no law saying you have to follow the pattern. I know lots of stitchers who change it up and do their projects with different floss than is recommended.

      And yes, it was horribly stressful. LOL


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