May 29, 2012

Not Meeting My Goal, But Still Getting Somewhere!

Okay, I promised that I was going to stitch on my HAED until I got a whole page done. And then I got completely distracted Saturday night by the Rainbow Bridge that was still unfinished. I had tried and tried to get these two stupid dogs right on the bottom and had never been able to do it. I finally decided on Saturday that I would give it one last try and, if I couldn't get them right, they were going to find a new home.

I am happy to say that I actually accomplished that goal!

Since I had found some momentum on this project which I have come to really not like very much, I went ahead and did this:

The hamster; not the cat! He was done already.

I don't know why a hamster is eating carrots, but whatever.

Here is the reason I would really like to try to finish this project:

That's probably about four years worth of work, on and off (more off than on) and I just can't imagine dumping it now that I've got all of those animals out of the way. The only thing left is the wording I am currently working on and the rainbow bridge and it will be finished. And then I need to decide what I'm doing with it, but that's a whole other story.

As for my HAED, I did make progress on it. Just not as much as I would have liked.

I have to admit that I am getting just a bit tired of blue, but I will persevere because I love the pattern and the colors that come later. I am praying that the green quilting thread will come out because I've had to go over it with my stitches and I think I have sometimes gone through it, which is probably not conducive to removing it. The one pink line you see is the glaced thread that someone recommended and it seems to be tougher to pierce than the regular quilting thread. I will be gridding the rest of the project with that.

I am due to make some finishes and as soon as this high pressure system moves out and my whole body stops aching, I promise I will get a couple done and put up pictures of how I did it. I was quite amazed at how it wasn't hard - even making the cording isn't bad, so long as you have another person to hold the other end of it.

I'm going to (try to) focus on finishing up the Rainbow Bridge before going back to my rotation. I'd really like to get this off of my WIPs.

Happy stitching!



  1. Great job on the dogs and the little hamster! I'm sure you will be glad to get this one finished at last. Your blue stitches on the HAED look very nice. I hope you have no trouble getting the gridding out!

  2. I'm here to cheer you on to the end! It's looking great!

  3. Great progress on Rainbow Bridge. I know what you mean about getting sick of one colour, for me that's 3371 brown/black

  4. You are almost there! Do not give up. The stitching looking good. Not sure if you are starting to use Easy-Count guideline ... that's what I have recently discovered and absolutely love it ... I can't believe how much I enjoy gridding the projects (done more of that than stitching in the past week).

  5. Hello

    Your Rainbow Bridge sampler is lovely and you've done a lot of it and I'm not surprised you don't want to dump it.

    Your HAED is looking great too.


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