May 17, 2012

My Very First Post!

I'm so excited. I've finally got the new site the way I want it and I'm ready to do my first post! I figured I would just go ahead and post pictures of the current progress on my WIPs for you to see.

My February cottage is moving right along. I've kind of limited my rotation since I finished the Love Quilt square to try to get some of the smaller projects done. This is my third Country Cottage monthly cottage stitch and I have the patterns for three more. I am planning on finishing these with a mat board behind the fabric and using one frame for each, switching them out like a calendar each month.

This is my exchange project with my friend in Washington. I haven't made a lot of progress on it. I figure she might get it by Christmas this year. I will finish as many projects as possible while adding smaller ones in to break up the stitching on the big ones.

My poor Celtic princesses just haven't gotten the attention they deserve. Some days I wish I had more hands! This is a fun one and I hope to get some time in on her. I want to frame her in the same way as the finished "Winter" and, when they are all four finished, I will choose a long wall to display them.

I have been spending a couple hours every day, as allowed, on this HAED. I want to wait to post to Claudette's site until I have finished a whole page of the pattern (20 pages total). This is one big ass project (or BAP)!

And that's what I have for today. My son's last band concert is tonight and I am both disappointed and relieved. Unfortunately, his band director has turned him off to music entirely and he will be dropping it after this year. Which means no more concerts to attend or keep track of. He refused to march in the Apple Blossom parades, so I have no idea if he will pass this class or not. He can be very stubborn when he doesn't want to do something. But then again, what 15 year old isn't?

Please leave comments on the blog's style. I will probably be making changes as time goes on to get a design I love. It took a year and half to get there on Life on the Domestic Front, but it was worth it.

Happy stitching!



  1. ooh, your new blog looks wonderful! And I love your stitching! Celtic Spring is fun, isn't she? I need to get the charts for the others too.

  2. Taking this for a test drive to see if I can post comments on your new blog.

  3. Whoo whhhoooo! I can post!!! I love your new blog and I am so happy that I can comment!

  4. I love your monthly cottage idea. I plan to do the same thing with my monthly Prairie Schooler designs, just need to find the right frame. The Celtic ladies will look so beautiful!

    I like the layout of your new blog with only one sidebar that is wider and great pics of your WIPs on the side!


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