May 26, 2012

Just Throw It Across the Room!

Have you ever had a project that you ended up hating so much because you just couldn't get the stitch count right, no matter how many different times you ripped it out and tried again?

For me, it's the damned Rainbow Bridge over there on the right and I am stuck on those two dogs down at the bottom right, just above the bridge. I'm soooo close! But for the third time this week, I had to rip out the majority of the orange dog and I'm back farther behind than when I started again!

I have to stop working on the HAED when it gets dark because the holes are so tiny. Even with my Ott light, I can't quite see it right and I'm very afraid of making a counting error or floss error on that one. That would be disastrous, with as many hours as I have already put into it. Ripping out is almost not an option on these pieces because there is just no way to catch the thread without catching other thread with it.

When I realized I couldn't work on it at night, that I might have a little trouble completing an entire page in one weekend. Even a three day weekend that I started on Friday. So I apologize for the unrealistic goal I made yesterday morning. Let's revise that I will get as much done on it as possible in the next two days.

As for the Rainbow Bridge, if I can't get those dogs right on the next try, it will be going back into the stack of UFO's and might end up staying there for a good long time. It's the most basic of cross stitch - aida fabric, regular cross stitches, what should be easy counting. But I keep getting hung up on the animals, which are really supposed to be the whole point of the piece.

But first, I will be throwing it across the room (after removing the needle), just for the satisfaction. I never feel so frustrated as when I can't get the stitches right and it will aggravate me until I fix it or bury it. I'm going to try throwing it if I can't get it next time though and see what happens.

Hope you're enjoying your long weekend!

Happy stitching!


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  1. Oh, don't toss it Chelle. You'll get it right.



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