May 22, 2012

IHSW - Long Weekend and a Finish!

I wanted to post my update on my IHSW on Sunday, but I didn't quite finish the piece I was working on. So, I finished it yesterday and here it is:

Ooops! I forgot the birds' beaks!

 Guess it's not quite finished!

This is not actually framed. What I discovered when the frame arrived is that there is no glass and there is no back! I'm not quite sure how I'm going to figure this one out, except obviously to have a piece of glass cut. There is is a woman in our guild whose husband is a woodworker and I am hoping she might be able to help me. She is very good at framing her own stuff, so maybe she can help me out on what to do about the back.

I was thinking it would look nice if I had a "place" for it to hang, so I need a back that can open (to switch out the months) and something to hang it from. To be honest, I was a little surprised at the cost of this frame and what I got for my money. Which is why I won't be buying a frame for every month!

When I got the frame in the mail, I placed each piece I had already completed against it and realized that January is indeed too small for the frame. I will have to probably whip stitch some of the linen in the same color on the back of it to make it the correct size for the frame. (I will post finishing photos to show you how I learned to finish at the guild. It's really not hard! If I can do it, anybody can do it.)

Today is a stitching day for me and I decided to pull out the old Rainbow Bridge piece to work on, since I haven't touched it in months. I also need to get a start on the March cottage and work on the HAED and maybe do some on the Princess. I should also probably at least start on "Catnap," since I have him on my works in progress list. I have a lot to do!

Here's an update on the HAED:

Unfortunately, I still have not finished a whole page, but you can see I've made some progress. This is a huge project - about 200,000 little, tiny stitches, so I don't anticipate it being done this year and probably not next year, even working on it steadily.

I apologize for being behind on reading and commenting on your blogs and on updating my regular blog. Life kind of ran into me like a truck and I haven't quite made it back to my normal level of functioning. Hopefully, if this rain ever lifts, I will get some energy back!

Happy stitching!



  1. Your HAED is looking good Chelle. Have fun with all your projects. They sound like mine and I can't decide what to work on with 90+ started. I think I need to start something new.


  2. February looks great; I love the colors!

    I'll be watching for your instructions on finishing!

  3. That looks so great! The colours are just beautiful! I just stumbled upon your blog from mine and I definitely will be following yours!

    Happy Stitching!
    Trina @ Stitching Oz

  4. Your HAED is coming along beautifully! So happy to see you got the gridding down! :)

  5. Pity about your frame. It looks very nice, even if it isn't functional yet. I'm planning on starting the HAED on the 1st of June. Was trying to work how much I will need to stitch per day to get it done by Christmas ... over 1,200 per day ... lets hope it's doable.


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