May 18, 2012

Frame for Country Cottages

Today I finally ordered the frame I had decided to use for my monthly country cottages. I wanted to make sure it was something classy and pretty and that complemented all of the designs. Here is what I chose:

I ran this by Justin, since he will have to look at it on the bookshelves all year long. I wanted something that drew the eye into the cross stitch piece and I think this fit the bill. All Family Tree Frames can be ordered through 123 Stitch and they come in a variety of sizes.

I'm not sure how big the opening is. I need to find out so that I can finish the two months that I have completed the stitching on. I've got January and April done and am about halfway through this February design. As soon as the frame comes, I will be able to determine how large the finishing board needs to be in exact dimensions.

One thing I have already learned from joining the Embroidery Guild of America is how to finish pieces. I had finished one Christmas ornament prior to my lessons with the wonderful Maggie Frasier (stitcher extraordinaire) and I realized that I had done pretty much everything wrong. Which is great because now I know exactly how to do everything right. I have two other ornaments to finish and I want to go back and refinish the little angel the proper way so that the fabric is not damaged over time.

Since it is International Hermit and Stitch weekend again, I will be planting my ever expanding butt in my recliner to stitch and maybe do some finishing on the pieces that I am able to. Hopefully it won't take long for my frame to arrive.

What are your plans for this weekend? Will you be stitching on big projects or small ones?



  1. Hi Chelle. Love your new stitchy blog. All your WIP's look great. Love the Country Cottages. I have the first six and started one in the crazy challenge. I love the colors in them.


  2. That's a perfect frame for your cottages! So pretty! It's great that you joined the EGA and learned the finishing techniques. That is something I should do also. There are two groups near me but I haven't gone to a meeting yet.


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