May 23, 2012

Celtic Princess Update

Today, I spent the whole day on the Celtic Princess. I discovered that there is a counting error in there somewhere in her skirt, but I think I can work around it.

Progress on May 17, 2012

Progress on May 23, 2012

I know the colors look different, but the pictures were taken in two different rooms at two different times of day.

I was relieved to get what I had to rip out all put back in, along with the second long strand of stitching on the left completely done.

Not sure what I'm working on next, but I think I need a break, as my shoulder is complaining about the non-stop stitching. I've got a massage scheduled for Thursday, so hopefully that will help. Every weekend is for me a hermit and stitch weekend, pretty much. It's rare that I don't spend most of my time working on one of my projects, especially since joining the guild.

I think tomorrow will be HAED, since it's been a few days since I picked it up.

Happy stitching!



  1. That's quite a progress! It is looking good. Good look on your HAED stitching.

  2. Very nice progress. Don't you just hate a one stitch mistake?

  3. It looks great Chelle.



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